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This is the Web Site for Karl Moore Construction Ltd. You may well have come here to see just what our Company could do for you. We hope that the information that is available both on the Site itself, and on the Sites that are linked to from here, will help you in deciding that you should contact us regarding any work you are concidering. We are able to offer a whole range of Services from the building or remodelling of your home; making and installing a cupboard; erecting or altering Business premises. We treat all jobs with the same Professionism that you have a right to expect. If you are unable to get the exact information that you are looking for, please go to our Contacts page to select the best way for you to get in touch with us.

Estimates are provided free of charge.

Do you need an Architect?
We have been happy to work for several years
with Oxford Architectural Design.
Should you require an Architect for your project, have a look at their site.
Oxford Architectural Design
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